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The Best Art Exhibitions for 2024

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Every artist knows that a big part of the job is looking at art — and where better than at 2024’s biggest gallery exhibitions.

Exhibitions are much more than a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. They are also a source of inspiration and can be a great way to learn. spotting art trendsThis can help you to market your own artwork.

For a taste of what’s coming up in 2024, here’s Artweb’s pick of international art exhibitions. Remember you don’t have to see them all; many offer virtual online tours or catalogues that can be equally inspirational.

Women to Watch 2024

Photo by Jennifer Hughes courtesy of NMWA. Collection galleries in the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Washington’s National Museum of Women in the Arts offers a forward-thinking show with its New World’s Women to Watch exhibition. It features 28 artist exploring ideas through perspectives that shift across geography, cultural viewpoints and time. The exhibition in April marks a reopening for the museum/gallery.

A fascinating show featuring a unique way of selecting work through a Network of Outreach CommitteesCurators are responsible for creating shortlists of artists in their region.

Women to WatchThe season runs from April 14, 2024 to August 11, 2020.

Mark Rothko: Paintings On Paper

Mark Rothko’s monolithic canvas slabs glistening with color are probably what you picture when you think of him. This exhibition gives you the chance to see abstract expressionism’s most famous paintings on papers. It is both a challenge and a confirmation for artists that paintings on papers are important.

You can also find out more about the following: exhibition brings together more than 100 of Rothko’s most compelling paintings on paper, many on view for the first time, and includes early figurative works.  

The Paintings on paper exhibitionThe National Gallery of Art is hosting a show until the end of the month.

Monet and Auerbach in London

Monet's Houses of Parliament painting

London’s Courtauld Gallery is planning two big events in 2024. The Monet and London: Views of the Thames brings together Claude Monet’s Impressionist paintings of London for the first time since he painted them. It is a must see for all painters.

Monet and London opens September 27, 2024.

The gallery is also displaying large-scale paintings by Frank Auerbach. This is a spectacular show for lovers of dramatic mark-making, portrait artists and those who enjoy the most dramatic mark-making. No one does impasto as well as the legendary American artist. This show focuses on the incredible work this artist can produce with just charcoal and paper.

Frank Auerbach, The Charcoal HeadsThe 2019 season runs from 9 February to 27 May.

Conceptual: Yoko Ono at Tate Modern

The Japanese-American artist, now 90 years old, is more than just the widow of John Lennon. Her conceptual work spans seven decades and includes everything, from photography to performance.

Her almost 70-year career in the art world can be seen in 200 works, which include her famous white chess set. One of the beautiful things about Ono’s work is its hands-on approach — from the chess set you can play to a wall where you can attach a photo or message dedicated to mothers. You can add your own peace wish to her wish-tree.

Tate Modern: Yoko ono: Music of the Mind The period of the competition is from February 15, 2024 to September 1, 2024.

The Poetry of Chinese Painting: Vision and Verse

The beauty of a gallery like The Metropolitan Museum of Art is that they can sift their collection and create a bespoke exhibition that showcases existing work with a new story. In this instance, a collection 90 works explores poetry and painting in Chinese cultural.

The exhibition complements its own collection with notable loans of paintings, calligraphy, and decorative arts. The show includes work inspired by ancient Chinese Poetry such as the Book of Odes.

Vision and VerseThe exhibition will be open until June 16, 2024.

Hidden Faces: Covered Portraits from the Renaissance is also on display at MOMA. The work of these Renaissance artists is inspiring to most artists, no matter what their discipline. This exhibition looks at multisided portraits in which the sitter’s likeness was concealed by a hinged or sliding cover, within a box or by a dual-faced format.

Hidden FacesRuns from April 2, 2024 to July 7, 2020

Going Dark

The Guggenheim, a New York gallery, also puts on a similar visual show under the name Going Dark: The contemporary figure at the edge of visibility.

The show will feature works of art featuring partially obscured or concealed figures, positioning them at the forefront. “edge of visibility.”

Housed in the Guggenheim Museum’s iconic rotunda, Going DarkThe exhibition presents more than 100 pieces by a group consisting of 28 artists. More than half are women and the majority are Black.

Going DarkOpen until April 7, 2020

The Anxious eye: German Expressionist

It is impossible to forget: German Expressionism is known for its darkness and depth, but it’s a style that artists must explore. 

Washington’s National Gallery of Art hosts The Anxious Eye: German Expressionism and Its Legacy which explores the art and how it has inspired contemporary artists over the following century. Their work, which was born during a turbulent period in Europe, including a war and revolutions such as the French Revolution, continues to be relevant even today.

The exhibition features works by German Expressionists Erich Heckel Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Emil Nolde. The exhibition includes works that have never been exhibited before as well as recent acquisitions. Work by Otto Dix, Käthe Kollwitz, Egon Schiele, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, are shown in a range of mediums, including prints, drawings, illustrated books, portfolios, and sculptures.

The Anxious eyeThe 2019 season runs from February 11 through May 27, 2024.

Paris 1874 – The Impressionist Moment

Like Renaissance artists the Impressionists continue their long-lasting influence on contemporary artists.

The latest international touring show of the Impressionist stars brings together many of the eye-popping works from the original Paris 1874 exhibition showing 130 works by the likes of Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Camille Pissarro, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

The work is presented to remind us that great art will always have an “aww” factor. It also pokes fun at critics who thought it was poorly painted and poorly defined. It is hard to imagine a work that has influenced our visual culture so much.

For those unable to attend in person, selected works are exhibited online in high enough resolution that you can see the brush marks and beautiful scumble that shimmers in the tuile of Renoir’s The Dancer 

Paris 1874The time period for this project is September 8, 2024 – January 19, 2025.

Venice Biennale

This year, the Venice Biennale will return with a new take on contemporary art. This massive show is held in many venues, and spans eras, disciplines, and disciplines, including architecture, music and dance, as well as theatre.

If the ticket and airfare prices are too high, take an afternoon to browse its extensive website. It’s easy to forget with a show of this reputation and magnitude that much of what you see has been chosen by judges from submitted works from artists. It is enough to inspire the artist.

You can also find out more about the following: Venice BiennaleThe 20th of April to the 24th of November 2024.  

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